Cap Collectif Developers - GraphQL API


A consultation



contributors (UserConnection!)

A list of contributor associated with the consultation.

Argument Type Description
after String

Returns the elements in the list that come after the specified cursor.

before String

Returns the elements in the list that come before the specified cursor.

first Int

Returns the first `n` elements from the list.

last Int

Returns the last `n` elements from the list.

id (ID!)

The ID of an object

title (String!)

The title of the consultation.

userHasVote (Boolean!)

Whether the user has vote for a contribution in this consultation.

Argument Type Description
login String!

The user's login (for example, an email).

votesCount (Int)

The number of votes in this consultation.

Deprecation notice

Field `votesCount` will be removed. Use `votes.totalCount` instead. In preparation for an upcoming change to the way we expose counters, this field will only be available inside a connection. Removal on 2019-01-01 UTC.